Your body cannot make vitamins
your body is a powerful machine capable of doing various things but not making vitamins eating different food s will deliver essential vitamins for keeping your body healthy
have you killed vitamins? 
vitamins are destroyed when you cook over 40ºC
eating only cooked food causes toxicity in your which can lead to depression, weight gain and diseases
no time for cooking? student life can be very busy, filled with lectures workshops and nightlife it is hard to find time to cook eating fresh fruit & vegetables can be a quick and easy alternative and provide s vitamins needed for keeping a healthy body
how to make ends meet? student life is also about managing your budget eating fresh fruit and vegetables can help you to keep more money in your pocket
easy way home vitamin A found in carrots pumpkin and sweet potatoes can help you to see clearly at night when you read or come back from the party
can a banana cheer you up? vitamin B6 found in bananas and avocados can help reduce tension & depression